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Space Mary Vape

The Space Mary SM8000 Vape is revolutionizing the vaping world. This sleek and stylish device is truly next-level: it boasts an incredibly powerful battery that provides up to a whole day of smooth, voluminous hits; it’s equipped with a sophisticated temperature control setting that offers impeccable precision and consistency; and it even includes an LCD screen so you can customize your device’s settings. Plus, the SM8000 not only looks great but feels great too — its ergonomic design ensures comfort while you vape, no matter how long or how often you’re using it.

The Space Mary Disposable is an amazing way to vape, no matter the occasion. With up to 8000 puffs in a single device, you’ll never be left wanting when it comes to your vaping needs. The SM8000 offers a 5% nicotine strength and is pre-filled with 18mL of some of the best e-liquid on the market. Plus, the USB-C rechargeable device gives you something reliable when you need it most.

The Space Mary Disposable Vape is a great option for those who need to get back to vaping quickly after their battery has died. It’s designed with fast-charging technology that enables users to recharge the device quickly with a C-type charger. Charging times are reduced significantly due to this feature, which leads to much shorter “downtimes” for your vaping needs.

This vape boasts an ergonomic and incredibly lightweight design. Its thoughtful construction offers optimal comfort for the user, ensuring a pleasant and efficient vaping experience every time.

The sleek contours of the SM8000 make it easy to handle and is specifically designed to fit perfectly in your hand. This feather-light design minimizes fatigue associated with lengthy vape sessions. Furthermore, its compact size does not add unnecessary bulk or weight, allowing you to comfortably take it on all your adventures.

Space Mary Vape Flavors

Space Mary Vape Flavors, is the ultimate vaping experience! Enjoy adventurous and flavorful sensations with six unique flavors exclusive to Space Mary. Feel chill and revitalized with Alaskan Mint, a frosty symphony of invigoration perfect for the springtime.

Bring back some childhood memories with Blue Gummy, a burst of sweet gummy candy in every puff. Add some spark to your day with Blue Razz, giving off electric blue raspberry zing in every inhale.

Or indulge yourself in Blueberry Ice, chilled blueberry temptation meets icy refreshment in each fruit-filled inhale. Bubblegang Berry will leave your taste buds with energy – bubblegum joy mixed with luscious berries for an unforgettable pop of flavor. Finally, explore uncharted flavors with Cactus Orange – a prickly pear meets zesty orange desert fusion that you won’t find anywhere else! With these amazing flavors combined with the Space Mary SM8000 device, you’re sure to have an exhilarating yet soothing vaping experience.

Blue Berry Ice

Blue Berry Ice is a delicious, icy treat for vapers. This popular flavor from Space Mary Vape is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. It has a light and refreshing taste with just the right amount of blueberries blended in. The inhale is an intense burst of blueberry flavor that quickly turns into a smooth, icy exhale.

Blue Gummy

The Blue Gummy vape juice from Space Mary is a delicious flavor that will make your mouth water with every puff. This e-juice combines the unique taste of blue gummy candy with a smooth and sweet inhale for an unforgettable vaping experience. On the inhale, you’ll get a burst of sweet blueberry flavor that adds just enough tartness to balance out the sweetness.

Blue Razz

Blue Razz is a popular flavor of e-juice used to refill your vape device. It has the classic taste of blue raspberry candy that many people enjoy. The flavor is usually described as sweet and tart with hints of berry, making it one of the most beloved flavors in the vaping community. Many companies offer their version of this flavor, but no matter which brand you choose.

Blue Trio Lemon

The Blue Trio Lemon Vape Juice from Space Mary is a refreshing and tantalizing option for those who love sweet and sour e-liquids. The flavor profile combines bold notes of lemon with a hint of blueberry, creating a unique and delicious experience.

Bubble gang Berry

Bubble Gang Berry is an exciting new e-liquid from Space Mary Vape. It’s a delicious blend of ripe strawberries and juicy bubble gum with a hint of menthol that is sure to tantalize your taste buds. Bubble Gang Berry has a sweet and fruity flavor that is perfect for vaping all day long. The bubble gum notes give it a unique twist that will make you feel.

Cactus Orange

Cactus Orange is a unique flavor of vape created by Space Mary, a popular manufacturer of e-liquid vaping products. It is an all-natural blend of several citrus flavors, including those from oranges, limes, and lemons. The cactus element adds a subtle spice to the mix that creates a truly unique flavor profile that can’t be found anywhere else.

Cali Mint

Cali Mint is a popular flavor of vape juice that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is a sweet and minty flavor that many vapers find irresistible and many are turning to this flavor as their favorite option. Cali Mint has a unique mix of fruity notes and cool, refreshing mint that gives it an amazing taste. The combination of sweet and minty flavors creates a smooth taste

Cherry Razz Ice

Cherry Razz Ice is an exciting new flavor from Space Mary Vape that promises to tantalize the taste buds! This delicious vape juice combines sweet, ripe cherries with a tart raspberry blast and a refreshing menthol undertone. Cherry Razz Ice will tantalize your taste buds with its bold and flavorful combination of flavors.