Rove cart is popular for its simple, tasty, and reliable vape cartridges. Portable and discrete, the objective of Rove is to provide extra convenience, regardless of where you are or what you do. The rove carts are created to deliver unique and pure flavors on every puff, each batch has a blend of natural terpenes.

Rove Cartridge Vape Oil

Rove is a functional and authentic cannabis product that can be enjoyed by all. Portable and discreet, not fake carts, a modern product for the modern world.

It also blends comfort and efficiency, offering relaxation on every occasion it’s been used.

The majority of vapers are always seeking vape brands that aim to provide excellent taste and results. Rove fulfills all conditions and believes  In authenticity, flexibility, and clarity. To produce cannabis oil vape cartridges that are tasty and healthy to inhale, they leverage art and science.


The Rove brand of cannabis oil was produced from 100 percent cannabis grown in California. To make clean and powerful vape cartridges, scientists extract fine quality oils through liquid carbon dioxide extraction.

First, the compact and subtle Rove pen balances comfort with efficiency by offering relaxation anytime and anywhere.

In addition, they guarantee a great tasting, reliable product coupled with stringent quality control criteria.

Nonetheless, this specific chamber ensures great taste and flow, thus minimizing potential leakage.

Rove is always the better option, coming with a strong and lasting 400-mah battery.

Simple & Convenient Vaping

Accessible in cartridges of 1 g or 0.5 g. Used with a Rove Vaporizer Battery (not included) for best performance.

NOTE: Rove vape oil has a very thick texture and, therefore before use, it might need warming. Also, the in-built warming is attached with a Rove vaporizer device for optimal performance.

In summary, a blow dryer or perhaps a lighter may also be used to heat your oil. Heat up the oil until it turns liquid and flows inside the tank freely. Before using the mouthpiece, be sure it is not hot.THC levels can differ in every batch.



The packaging of the Rove carts is made of high-quality stainless steel and pyrex glass. With universal 510 threaded batteries, each cartridge is compatible. Thanks to their dual coil atomizer and powerful airflow design, Rove carts generate big clouds.

Every cartridge and its packaging is color-coded to show the phenotype of Rove Carts flavors (Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid)

Another point of review for rove carts is its power, with high THC levels, all Rove carts are very potent.

Every rove kush contains between 70 percent-80 percent THC and 1 percent-2 percent CBD. For more information on the  Rove Brand or to check on their lab results on their entire product line of vape cartridges.


  • Flavors of Great Rove Carts
  • Fantastic aromas
  • Very strong
  • Robust cartridges
  • Vapes with color-coding
  • Lovely packaging



  • It contains very thick oil.


Effect and Flavor of rove carts

All Rove cart oils went through a purification cycle without solvent, which eventually gave birth to the flavors of their clean, crunchy rove carts.

Everyone that has tried the Sherbet flavor (hybrid) and Ape (Indica) rove carts. The hits produced by both cartridges are always smooth on the throat and provide delicious tasty flavors.

Furthermore, with a citrusy scent of the Sherbet cartridge couple with an excellent buttery taste.

Another thing of note about the sherbert oil is the level of comfort felt after taking a few hits.

It undoubtedly delivers a perfect combination of head and body high, however. The type of highness produced is not too overpowering.


Price & Where to Buy Rove Carts

The price of Rove carts varies depending on the number you need, you can get rove carts for sale in California dispensaries for about $30 for half gram cartridge (500 mg) and about $45 for a full gram cartridge (1000 mg).

Selection of Strain

Rove contains a broad variety of strains:

78.27 percent OG (Indica)

77.94 percent Kush (Indica)

78.37 percent Ape (Indica)

Cookies (Hybrid) – 78.23 percent

78.82 percent Sherbet (Hybrid)

78.08 percent Dream (Hybrid)

78.23 percent Glue (Hybrid)

78.11 percent Waui (Sativa)

77.56 percent Haze (Sativa)

How to spot fake Rove cartridges

Rove vape carts are now prone to be manipulated, there have been reports of many fake cartridges in the market. fake cartridges have constituted a big problem in the cannabis market and Rove vape cart is no exception. The positive thing about Rove is that since it is only available in two states: California and Nevada, that makes it a lot easier to say if it is genuine. let quickly provide a definite hint on how to spot a possible counterfeits and how to ensure that what you purchase is the real one.

Note:if your cartridge does not come with THC content sticker: It’s a fake Rove cartridge

For California carts, Rove lists the THC percentages on their packaging. You will also often obtain details in Nevada, either in the form of being on the box or in the form of a sticker displaying the cartridge’s full cannabinoid profile.

Basically, if you don’t see your cart displaying a percentage of THC, it’s fake.

Buy Rove Carts Online

It is unimaginable to believe that the vape carts manufacturer could even make fake stickers later, but for now, deciding if a Rove Brand cartridge is genuine or not is the easiest obstacle. You will have a sticker attached to the details in Nevada as well. Generally speaking, if you’re from CA or NV, you’re more likely to see an imitation of the CA Rove cart than that of Nevada.

NV rates are high and CA has 10 times more individuals, so it’s less likely that anyone would sell NV variants in illegal states.

Many fake Rove Brand carts also have CA! stickers

Though stickers can be one good way to determine a fake cart but not anymore. There are so many fakes out there with stickers too. In as much as it has been proven over time that the figures on the oil are made up figures since the oil is not even in the cartridge yet and no one knows what oil will be put in it.

The only way to be sure if you are buying a real rove cart is to buy from a legal shop, and explained below is how to do that.

How to locate real Rove cartridges

The best and easiest way to locate the original rove cart is by making use of their store locator. If it is not in the shop you got it from, it may not be a legal shop. Be sure to check out the sticker case mentioned above if you got your cart on the street or in other states. You should know it’s fake and not genuine if it has no sticker.

In reality, Real Rove cartridges often have a “TM” on the box after the brand name. In the product box shot on Rove’s official website, it is clearly indicated.

The majority of the information provided remain a good supplementary guide to identifying the original from the phony. Rove fakes are now just spreading all over the Internet, it is important to expect more varieties added to the confusion already ongoing.

Not always does fake cartridge mean bunk oil

Some suppliers could only use the device and put the right oil in it. Fake carts would be garbage, more often than not, but there are some oil makers out there only using the hardware. Just using CCELL carts will be better than a fake brand, but a fake labeled cart does not necessarily mean that the oil sucks. There is no quality control on fake carts, however, since no one can tell if there is a good amount of pesticides and residual solvents in the carts.

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