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STIIIZY is a Cannabis product manufacturer in the USA. This brand has 3 sub-brand of eatable and inhalable cannabis Items. In the new conversational vaping culture, Stiiizy has gained enormous popularity. They also introduced people with their latest version of electronic cigarette “Pod’’ these are battery operated smart-looking vapes, which is their speciality. Stiiizy has high quality smooth and pure carts; That makes it one of the premium cannabis brand.

Stiiizy Pods

Stiiizy has three types of pods in the market; Original, Silver & Gold Rasine. Stiiizy has a reputation for harvesting the best cannabis extract. In every hit of their pod, you will enjoy the good stuff.

Stiiizy Original

This product has 4 available versions Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, and CBD. The pod has a black body with a transparent chamber for the liquid. Inside the chamber, there is the coil. The Cart looks very thick and clear. Stiiizy claims that the used botanically derived tar for their wonderful aroma. They also say that their cannabis extract is organic, which delivers a consistent experience every time.  Granddaddy Purp (H), Blue Dream (S), Do-Si-Dos (H), Gelato (H), Blue Burst (H), Strawnana (H), Birthday Cake (H),  Mango (1:1 THC/CBD), Juicy Melon (1:1 THC/CBD), SFV OG (I), Skywalker OG (I), Biscotti (I), Hardcore OG (I), OG Kush (I), Purple Punch (I), Premium Jack (S), Sour Diesel (S), Strawberry Cough (S), Sour Tangie (S) are 20 unique flavours of this Stiiizy original series pod. The pods are available with .5 gm and 1.1 gm quantity.

Stiiizy Silver

The Stiiizy Silver is one of the premium product of this brand. The silver is available in Sativa, Indica, Hybrid 3 varients. Stiiizy collects its premium extract from the local sources; they have prominent cannabis plant sources for their premium products. They made one thing sure with their premium products that, on each hit, the user will get the optimum flavour of the natural terpenes and flower strains. LA Confidential (I), Sour Cookies (H), Sour Diesel (S), Grape Sorbet (I), Chemdawg (H), Gelato (H), Super Green Crack (S), Zkittlez (I), Wedding Cake (H), OG Kush (I), are 10 premium flavours of the Stiiizy Silver. This premium pod is also available in .5 and 1 .1 gm quantities.

Stiiizy Gold

This gold pod is the most premium pod among Stiiizy premium pods. The pod has a gold body with a black cap. Stiiizy clams that they extract Gold pods cart from freshly harvested cannabis source from high-quality frozen buds. This pod also has preserved resin for the exceptional flavour. The Gold pod is only available seasonally they made it in small batches for the best taste and flavour. This Gold Pod is available in 9 flavours Purple Animal Cookies (H), Slurricane (I), Dub Breath (H), Ice Cream Cake (I), STIIIZY Pink Acai (H), OG Kush (I), Chem Reserve (H), LA Kush Cake (I), Banana Pie (H). The Gold pod comes with .5 and 1.1 gm cart volume.

Buy Stiiizy Pods Online

Stiiizy Products are premium cannabis products; you can easily find them on Trusted medical dispensaries or Stiiizy stores. Stiiizy battery vapes price starts at 35$. For finding nearby Stiiizy Sellers and for ordering online you can go here; The Official Stiiizy website.

Stay High, Stay Happy & keep loving cannabis.

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