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Get Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) ||2020 Cannabis Product for Medical Use

Rick Simpson, a man from the Canadian province Nova Scotia who discovered the cannabis-based essential oil by an unexpected accident. Long before that he used to work on a hospital in Canada in the 1970s as an engineer. While working inside the boiler, he inhaled toxic air and fell from the ladder, which caused tinnitus. His doctor prescribed him medication, but they failed to cure him. Rick decided to start an experiment with cannabis, and in a while, he got better. His journey with cannabis started from there.

Creation of Rick Simpson Oil

Rick started to make homemade cannabis extract and felt a significant improvement in his treatment. He began to plant cannabis in his backyard, which gave him a odds create a highly concentrated extract.  He got cured, and a few years later he found basal cell carcinoma in his body. One day he read something about the Tri hydro cannibal (THC) which turned as a cancer killer. So Rick again decided to do a cannabis experiment. He made foam with THC extract and used it on his affected skin area. After a few days, the unstoppable cell growths has stopped. Rick Simpson again got okay with the help of cannabis magic. He claims that he got cured by his experiment.

How to make Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson claims that he got cured by his experiment. This cannabis extract has a particular production method. Rick says he has never sold the recipe, and he suggests people make their recipes as their needs. There are still recipes that you can find on the internet here. If a patient needs RSO, then he must get physicians opinion and the cannabis card, then the patient could buy lab-tested organic medication weed.

For making RSO extract on your own Indica cannabis buds are the best, you must sterilize the extract with isopropyl alcohol make sure 80% of the indica weed to dissolve in the mix. After draining the solvent few times put the good stuff on the heat at 100 degrees Celcius, wait until it turns into the black greasy state. Leave it for a few minutes until it gets cold and use it as your dose. RSO oil Extract is different than any other cannabis oils because it carries Higher THC levels. Other Therapeutic cannabis products contain mostly CBD.


Rick Simpson Oil Buy

There are many online authorized stores, suppliers and non-profit organizations who provide RSO to cancer patients. A cancer patient needs up to 60 gm RSO for getting cure; the price starts at 60 $ for 1 gm. There is also big& small dosage are available in the market.

Recently long-term research proofed that cannabinoids affect certain kind of illness and pain. RSO can be remedy for diseases like Sclerosis, Inflammation of a joints, Asthma, Infections, Inflammation, depression, high blood pressure, and insomnia. RSO has proven its potential as a medicine. For one batch of RSO 60 grams for seven days treatment, it requires about 450 to 500 high-quality organic bud strings. You can’t use damaged buds or fertilizer grown product. Cooking the Strings with high heat also decreases the effectiveness of the product. People who don’t like the oil scent can use it while having food.


The RSO extract is saving many lives every day. Mr Simpson’s discovery needs more exposure for making this medication more life saving globally. Physicians and cannabis activists should come forward to support this protest against cancer.

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